tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

Everything was better in the old days.

My man Klaus B has dished out a 2 hour mix of : "old skool Chicago/Detroit/Belgisk støvsuger/Acid/Bleep/UK Breakbeat/Rave/Techno osv. "

It's stuffed with bangers you'd almost forgotten, instead of the usual Now That's What I Call Rave! fodder.


Dilemma - Hexadron
Liza'n'Eliaz - Space Split
Plexus - Auto Shutter
Synergy - Magic Control
Turntable Terror Trax - Turntable Tribal
The Unknown - Dreams Of Santa Anna
Exposure - Party Claps
Formicula 4 - Formic Acid
World Dominance - Compression
Brain-E - Madness Overflow
Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Babies
Sequential - Psychotronic
Aphrohead - Thee Lite
Mike Dunn - Dance U Mutha
Risque III - Tropic Zone
2000 & One - Line Dimension
Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth
SUAD - Cape Fear
Hypersonic - Dance Tones
Trak One - Motion
Armando - Downfall
Ricky Smith - Working Without
Kevin "Krazy K" Dobbins - I'm House
Kc Flightt - Jump For Joy
Mission Control - Outta Limits
49'th Floor - Night Passage
Pizarro - Perdona Me
Kamasutra - Night Walk
Tanzmuzik - Pique-e
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Drama
Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Got The Bug
Housegang - Work My Body
Jody "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty
Bad Boy Bill - Jack It All Night Long
Gallifré - 117 House Beats
Obscure FM - Michael Jackson Is In Heaven Now
Acid Masters - Deterioration
Final Cut - I Told You Not To Stop
Underground Resistance - Sonic Destroyer
Fast Eddie - Yo YO Get Funky
Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control
The Sound Vandals - Extasy
World - All B&M
Blasphemy - Flirtation In Paradise
Frankie Bones - Janet's Revenge
Deck 8-9 - Vector
Eon - A Kind Of Living

Download here.

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