tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

Everything was better in the old days.

My man Klaus B has dished out a 2 hour mix of : "old skool Chicago/Detroit/Belgisk støvsuger/Acid/Bleep/UK Breakbeat/Rave/Techno osv. "

It's stuffed with bangers you'd almost forgotten, instead of the usual Now That's What I Call Rave! fodder.


Dilemma - Hexadron
Liza'n'Eliaz - Space Split
Plexus - Auto Shutter
Synergy - Magic Control
Turntable Terror Trax - Turntable Tribal
The Unknown - Dreams Of Santa Anna
Exposure - Party Claps
Formicula 4 - Formic Acid
World Dominance - Compression
Brain-E - Madness Overflow
Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Babies
Sequential - Psychotronic
Aphrohead - Thee Lite
Mike Dunn - Dance U Mutha
Risque III - Tropic Zone
2000 & One - Line Dimension
Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth
SUAD - Cape Fear
Hypersonic - Dance Tones
Trak One - Motion
Armando - Downfall
Ricky Smith - Working Without
Kevin "Krazy K" Dobbins - I'm House
Kc Flightt - Jump For Joy
Mission Control - Outta Limits
49'th Floor - Night Passage
Pizarro - Perdona Me
Kamasutra - Night Walk
Tanzmuzik - Pique-e
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Drama
Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Got The Bug
Housegang - Work My Body
Jody "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty
Bad Boy Bill - Jack It All Night Long
Gallifré - 117 House Beats
Obscure FM - Michael Jackson Is In Heaven Now
Acid Masters - Deterioration
Final Cut - I Told You Not To Stop
Underground Resistance - Sonic Destroyer
Fast Eddie - Yo YO Get Funky
Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control
The Sound Vandals - Extasy
World - All B&M
Blasphemy - Flirtation In Paradise
Frankie Bones - Janet's Revenge
Deck 8-9 - Vector
Eon - A Kind Of Living

Download here.

mandag den 20. juli 2009

The Freshest Kidz

Great documentary about the evolution of B-Boying, Breakdancing, Electric Boogie, Popping, Locking, etc. Essential viewing for anyone with a vague interest in modern urban dance styles or hiphop. I love the internet.

More old UKG/Grime.

Just felt like watching some of these classics. Most of it still sounds fresh today!

Platinum 45 feat. More Fire Crew.: OI! Is this the song that gave us OHOI!? According to a recent interview, it just might be. This is one of the first songs where it becomes very clear that something is happening with UKG. This is way more aggressive than your usual MJ Cole/Artful Dodger fare, the 2-step rythms have been thoroughly mangled and the bassline cuts through everything. Notice Lethal B, who would later go solo...

...with the even more aggressive POW! (Forward Riddim). This is of course the song that allegedly was banned from a large number of venues across the UK for causing fights wherever it was played. Still a good tune though.

Pay As U Go Cartel: Champagne Dance. A rare chance to see Wiley before he splintered off from the UKG scene, started Roll Deep and his solo career. He was on point back then already.

Wiley: Wot U Call It? asked the question on everybody's lips back then. Rephlex Records brought out the 2 Grime compilations, which were basically mostly dubstep, Wiley was trying to convince people it was called eski beat, and other people were talking about dark garage, breakstep, UKG, etc. Eventually grime stuck.

Sticky ft. Ms. Dynamite: Booo! This was just a massive anthem. Shame that Dynamite rarely flexes her toasting skills. Paved the way for Lady Sov, Shystie, No Lay, M.I.A. and a bunch of others.

So Solid Crew: 21 Seconds. Arguably the track that started it all by decidedly shifting the focus from the DJ/producer to the MC's. The Wu-tang of UKG that imploded in a flurry of violence allegations, halfbaked solo albums and the slow rise of dubstep and grime.

Jeg fucking hader æg.

Så igår aften ta'r jeg på Safari med Dollars. Vækker ham ved 18 tiden og vi bli'r hurtigt enige om at det er bedst hvis jeg kører. Ude i bilen går det straks løs med Tempz og andet hypeup for fuld volumen, så man hverken kan høre motor, sine egne tanker eller noget som helst andet. "Skunk!" bli'r der sagt, og ikke så længe efter har vi fået røget den første joint. Ras hygger sig også med at tysse på alle undervejs, især turister: "SSSSSSHHHHH!!! The police is just up there!". Vi får den geniale idé at spise på Loppen, og efter en joint mere finder vi så ud af at der er bryllup på Loppen, alle klapper ihvertfald da vi kommer ind sammen med en flok spaniere. Døllis prøver at hustle kødsnacks fra køkkenet på vejen ud, men ak. Ude i bilen igen og nu begynder kombinationen af hashskunk, ingen servostyring, ingen mad og en mere og mere rastløs Dollars at gå ud over mine køreevner. Vi kommer hen til Café Wilders(?), hvor Dollars liiiiiige skal spille noget meget høj grime for mig. 30 sekunder efter rammer et æg forruden. Dollars ryger ud af bilen, smækker døren i og jeg tænker: "Uhoh, her går vi igen.". Jeg ser kun Dollars arme bevæge sig op og ned og gætter mig til at der bliver råbt en del derude, men kan ikke høre noget udover den føromtalte grime. Man dem får råbt færdig og efter at ha' skyllet forruden af med noget vand kører vi tilbage mod V i håb om at Dyrehaven har åbent. Ægget er så nu løbet ned i ventialtionen og hele bilen lugter af æg. Jeg fucking hader æg. Dyrehaven har selvfølgelig også lukket og nu begynder det at være helt slemt. Klokken er nu ca. 22:30 og efter en afvisning på Fiskebaren er vi nu på vej mod Burger Palace. Fra Spiseloppen til BP på under 3 timer. Helt Wrong. En skunkjoint mere, Dollars får sig en stor cola, drikker én slurk og spurter hjem. Jeg får mig en Palace Burger menu, som er svært skuffende. Det hele virker meget sjovere idag.

Check Ras' version her.

Novelty alert!

We'll probably all be sick of this in about 10 minutes, but it's pretty fun for now.

Teh Metalz.

Been wanting to do a post for a while with old heavy metal and hard rock classics that some people might have forgotten about, so here we go.

Judas priest: Victim of Changes from their Sad Wings of Destiny album. A suitably pompous title for an equally epic song, showcasing all their strengths: Halfords outrageous vocal stylings, Downing and Tiptons tight riffs and solos, and also a slightly unusual dynamic range. from soft and emo to absolutely raging in less than 8 minutes. British steel FTW!

Next is Black Sabbath: Never Say die. This is a version from Ozzy's Speak of the Devil live album, which is basically all Black Sabbath songs played by the Ozzsters pretty freakin' awesome band. Sort of the best live album BS never made.

Deep Purple: My Woman from Tokyo. A lot funkier and more restrained than their usual output, this just boogies out and get's on with the job. Originally from their Who Do We Think We Are LP.

Van Halen: Panama. Everybody else is always going on about Jump and Hot for Teacher from the 1984 album. For me it's all about Panama. David Lee Roth was the embodiment of 80's California.

AC/DC: '74 Jailbreak. Bon Scott could do no wrong. RIP.

Megadeth: Wake Up Dead. First track on their first album, where Dave Mustaine shows that he doesn't really need those losers in that other band. Lyrics about coming home drunk and being scared that your wife will kill you are cool, especially if you get them over and done with in about 2 seconds and then just proceed to riff out for the rest of the song. Who misses Lars anyway?

Pantera: Mouth for War. This video is just so gay.

Rock on!

fredag den 17. juli 2009


Speaking of 2-step, here's a brand new mix by three of the most important pioneers of dubstep.
J-Da Flex was the man who first introduced me and many, many others to this world of bass through his weekly radioshow on BBC 1Xtra, which we followed almost religiously, nitpicking tracklists afterwards. OHOI! had him over for a party in 2003 or 2004, I forget, and it was just mental to have this hero of ours play to about 100-200 people in Basement next to Vega. For a while he drifted out of the scene, but has returned recently with his old partner: El-B. Together they ran the Ghost record label, which released some of the proto-dubstep stuff, a lot of it with El-B on production. El-B wandered off for a while too, but came back about the same time as J-Da. Hatcha hopefully needs no introduction. Let's just say that he was a massive influence on Benga & Skream and is still widely regarded as one of the very best DJ's in the genre. To have all three of them at once with good ol' Crazy D over the top is just too good. I haven't even listened to all of it and I'm just gushing. If this doesn't get you going, you're doing it wrong.

Get the goods here courtesy of Get Darker, which is a treasure trove of mixes and info, by the way.

Your chest!

torsdag den 16. juli 2009

Extra! Extra! Hate all about it!

Uuuuuuhhhh... Dollars svarer igen. Udover at insinuere pædofili i overskriften er Dölberg åbenbart fortørnet over at jeg kan hate på flere sprog end ham, dvs. 2, så jeg må hellere holde den her på dansk så der er chancer for at mandslingen kan følge med.
Richie Spice tingz var bare lige til at starte med, man kan jo altid gå i gang med bjælken i ens eget øje (<--biblical hate, for jer tosprogede).
OK, for dem af jer der ikke ved hvem ham hadebamsen er, så kommer der her en lille intro til personen bag det lille ego.

Hans "raaaaid", som det hedder på Ålborg patois:

"Møgforkælet unge" tænker man, but wait! There's more fail!
Ras Døvlars' big bad boomin' bass:

"You won't last a second inna war."


Since my last post, about 10 min. ago, I've already had a request for an introduction to old 2-step. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I know people who are, and a while back they created this beautiful thread with a whole bunch of links and little bits from DK Garages history.

"Late, as usual, but I show up! I show up, though!"

It's been a while since my last post, blame it on the sunshine.

First of all there's a couple of mixes I've been listening to A LOT, that i would like to share with you peeps:

- JSL (OHOI!) did a mix in April which blew me away, as I was getting well tired of the usual harder-than-thou-wobblesteel. Sure, there's still plenty of bangers on here, but he takes it to another level. BIG MIX!
Get it here.

- Macabre Unit threw some summervibes together a while back. Not technically brilliant, a few dodgy mixes here and there, but the tracks make up for it. Nice to hear som old 2-step again!
Get it here.

- The old 2-step sound is generally becoming quite popular again in dubstep circles. Here's a mix with Martyn and TRG from Rob da Banks' show on BBC Radio.


Martyn Mix
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (3024)
Kloke – ‘Basement’ (Entrada Recordings)
Millie & Andrea – ‘Black Hammer’ (Daphne001)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Makonde’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
Apple – ‘Seigalizer’ (Slim Ting)
Hard House Banton – ‘Reign’ (SRE)
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells Martyns Dark Mix’ (Curle)
Martyn – ‘Elden St.’ (3024)
Karizma – ‘Groove ‘A’kordingly’ (R2 Records)
2000 And One – ‘Funk That’ (100% Pure)
Adam Marshall – ‘Rose Mountain’ (Cynosure)
Martyn – ‘Bridge’ (3024)
Goldie – ‘Truth Ft. David Bowie’ (Ffrr)
Martyn – ‘Far Away’ (3024)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Anlo Ewe’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
D-Malice – ‘Gabryelle Refix’ (White)
Deadbeat – ‘Incinerate’ (Wagon Repair)
Manoo – ‘Agoe’ (Earthrumental Music)
Shut Up And Dance – ‘Epileptic Martyns No Strobe Mix’ (Shut Up And Dance)
Martyn Ft. Dbridge – ‘These Words’ (3024)

Clubroot – ‘Low Pressure Zone’ (Lo Dubs)
Madd – ‘I Know It’s U’ (White)
Kito ft. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’ (Disfigured Dubs)
TRG – ‘Just Me’ (White)
Pinch – ‘Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders’ (White)
Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Punch Drunk)
Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch)
Kalbata – ‘Oh Gosh’ (White)
TRG – ‘New In Town’ (White)
Kode 9 – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Deekline & Wizard – ‘Back Up (Love for the Music) - TRG Remix’(Against The Grain)
Joker & Ginz – ‘ReUp’ (Kapsize)
TRG – ‘909 Trek’ (White)


- There's also a rather good article on the future of techno, house, dubstep and UK Funky here.
Which led me to 2 rather nice mixes from some of the people behind the Hessle Audio label:

Here's one from Ramadanman along with an indepth interview.

And another one from Ben UFO for FACT magazine.

The Hessle Audio guys are one of the few forward thinking labels in dubstep/bass, so check out their myspace.

I've had a bit of a falling out with dubstep the last couple of months. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of good stuff, but there's an evergrowing amount of incredibly boring wobbletracks coming out. This doesn't come as a complete surprise, as this is what generally happens in the evolution of musicgenres. As soon as a formula has been established, everybody jumps onboard and "gives it their own twist", which sounds exactly the same as what everybody else is doing. Boooooring.
So where to now? Some people have started taking the BPM's down to 120-130 again, which at first horrified me, as I thought it would just end up in the same bland soup that techno and house have been in for ages, but I've heard some absolutely brilliant stuff from, amongst others, Hyperdub, Tempa and Hessle Audio. The tempo might be slower, but they keep the rythmic syncopations, bass and blatant disregard for the norm from dubstep. Fresh!

The other possibility is UK Funky House. Apart from having one of the worst names, this genre is finally starting to show some promise. The inclusion of soca rythms, grime MC's and just a general openness to all kinds of influences is slowly tickling my interest and this might be the genre to watch. So far it has produced 2 tunes i really rate, especially this summer.

First up is Maxwell D vs. Lil Silva: Blackberry Hype. Some of you might remember Maxwell from his days in So Solid Crew or just as an original UK garage Don. Anyways, he's back with a banger and some incredibly silly lyrics.

When 2000F dropped his "2000 Hype" dubplate special at Vega for the Benga gig, the whole place exploded. 'Nuff said.

Next tune is from grime masters Boy Better Know: Too Many Man. Finally it has dawned on some grime MC's that their constant verbal assaults and big boy posturing might just scare a few females away from their shows/raves. I definitely think that that is one of the main reasons for X amount of MC's jumping on the funky bandwagon... that and money, of course. Anyway, this track really gets me going. If you hear the chorus while you're out and about in CPH, it's probably me shouting it.

In other news, the biggest grime tune in ages. Tempa T/Tempz: Next Hype, the energy levels on this track are just off the chart. Quite a fun little video too with atrocious acting courtesy of UK hiphop legend Tim Westwood. You should have all seen this a million times by now, but here it is for the late bloomers.

I've also had a sweet spot for this little dancehall ditty, Laden: Inna Life. First time round it didn't do a whole lot for me, but the quirky production and housey pianos kept me coming back until the chorus embedded itself. Thanks to JG from Firehouse Sound for the tip!

As the boring city dweller that I've become, I didn't do any of the big festivals so far, but then again, the line-ups for Roskilde and Fusion weren't THAT impressive and it mostly sounds like I missed out on a hell of drug and alcohol bingeing, which hasn't really been that tempting since '95. One thing I did miss out on was the reunion of Malk De Koijn, but thanks to Ras Dollars, there's a link to DR's soundboard recording of the concert here.
Another thing i missed at Roskilde was the "friendly fire" soundclash between Universal Soundsystem, Rootsman Hi-Fi, Firehouse Sound and Kali-Ma. The best thing about this has got to be the VERY entertaining thread (in danish) on the dancehall.dk forum. Firehouse is also streaming audio from the clash on their homepage.

Finally, for those of you wondering about the title of this post, check this clip at approx. 6:12

For those of you who don't know this movie, watch it now. One of the biggest cultural influences on my life. EVER!

P.S.: It has come to our attention that Ras Dollars has started a blog war against yours truly. First blood was drawn here. Apparently, my blog is not funny. It was never meant to be funny. Soundman bidnezz is SERIOUS tingz. Lickle soundboy cyan tess dis knowledge. Richie Spice in '71? Maybe man dem should actually READ some of dem books dey flashin' on theyz uglybugly blog.
Check 6:08

Blog wars, buddy, blog WARS!